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What to do if…


I missed a day of class.
You’ve come to the right place.  Scroll, search, or use the calendar to find the post for the day you missed.  Check the title to make sure the post applies to your class.  You can find assignments, lecture presentations, quizzes, planner items, and important links in each post.

I want to use modern technology to make classwork more convenient. Why should I have to remember to come here? Can’t a computer do that for me?
Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Enter your email address to receive updates whenever new information appears on this site.

I can’t find an assignment.
Try the search bar and the calendar tool at the bottom of every page.  Assignments are linked inside each day’s post after the daily agenda.

I need to check my grade.  And no.  No, I don’t know your SIS username and password.

I have a question about an assignment or a concept, or I have a question about my grade.
Make a comment by clicking on the light blue “LEAVE A COMMENT” link on each post.  Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately; comments must be approved before they post publicly.  Alternatively, you can email me at

Yeah, but I REALLY need an answer RIGHT NOW.  I mean look at this, I’m typing in ALL CAPS.
Okay, fine.  It’s just a good thing I like you.  Call me at 815-405-2344.  Be prepared for me to ask for your number to call you through Skype.  Please keep all contact school-related.  I may respond to texts, but emoticons may endanger your academic standing.

I need extra credit.
I don’t give extra credit until you have turned in every assignment and retried every assignment with a poor grade.